Extend Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery Life

The standard battery with 3220mah capacity gives a great backup for longer performance. Samsung includes a few intuitive features on the Note 4 to improve Galaxy Note 4 battery life, but it’s all about how you use them. The fast charging speed reduces the time of waiting to charge the battery completely. It could charge up to 50 % within half an hour. The ultra-power saving mode allows the Smartphone to consume a very little battery.

Everyone just could not get enough of ways in which you can save your note 4 battery life, for a good reason. With so many things you plan on doing, it is almost sure that you will need your phone to function the entire day especially if one do not have a charger with you as you walked out of your door.

GsmArena has tested the battery performance, talk time on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is 28:34 hours – 5 hours more than the Apple iPhone 6 Plus has, close to 11 hours of constant web browsing, the video test was equally impressive – a 17 hour and 25 minute and when they combined all the scores the Note 4 has received a 87 hour endurance rating.

Like I said, no one can get enough of note 4 battery life-saving strategies, and there are several ways in which you can save or at least prolong your note 4 battery’s life while you are on the go.
Warning: There might be some of these which you may already know since it is common, but you might need reminding considering how stubborn some of you can be. However, there are also several others which may be new.

First, it is always good to remember to turn off applications that run in the background of your note 4 battery. One, in particular, is the application which continually shows you updates with Facebook. It has been reported to drain your battery’s life in leaps and bounds because it requires an internet connection, and this, in turn, requires the function of unique parts which drains the battery even more.

In that note, you may also want to consider turning off your wireless connection when you are not using it In fact, if you can use some other device to surf the internet, then you should. Do not always rely on your note 4 because this is not its primary function. It is an added service just to make your surfing more convenient.

The same can be said about other applications that are continuously running in your phone’s background. If these annoy you, only turn it off and it your overall experience with your note 4 will become better.

If you do not consider the e-mails you are receiving as important, then, it is smarter if you also turn it off. This is just like the applications that you have running in your background. The only difference is its function because e-mails are sometimes imperative especially for one who is in the business sector. E-mails may mean transactions that need your approval or sudden meetings that you have to attend to to close deals. However, if you are not expecting anything as important, then, you might as well save your note 4 battery life for more important matters.

So, in that case, if you are on vacation, you might turn it off when you are out in the morning and just check them occasionally, most probably before going to bed at night.

It may also be smart if you turn off your phone’s warning function that signifies how much percentage of your total note 4 battery power is left. It is draining more of how much you have in the tank because it uses certain functions and components on your phone to notify you. So, it is obviously counter-productive.

So, if you want to prolong the life of your note 4 battery for the entire day, turn off anything that you are not using. You may find this as a very productive move.

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