How to Jump a Car Battery

As you are driving towards your road to the biggest event of the year, shaking your head to the rhythm of a funky beat, you stop to buy something along the road. Finished with your grocery, you return to your seat and get ready to start your monster engine again. But, you only hear that “click” of the keys and then, nothing. Just silence! Your car wont start. Yeah, my friends! That is the sound of a dead car battery.

It happens after all! It may be cause of different reasons. You may have simply forgotten the lights or any other electric component on! Or, the cause may be a defect in the electrical system of the car (parasitic drain, bad charging, etc.)!

No matter the reason, it will happen sooner or later. That is why it’s important to know how to deal with it. Calling a professional is definitely always a valid option, but there are times when you can’t. You may have no number, no signal or even, ironically, no phone battery! And also, there are times when you simply can’t wait for help! You need to go, and you need to go now! The event you were waiting for is about to start! Every second that passes you feel even more desperate to reach your destination.

That is when the lamp finally turns on! You get an idea. We all know that it is possible to start the engine even in this case. You may have read about it, seen it in a movie or a series. You can jump start the car!

Still, having an idea is definitely good, but actually achieving it, is a total different story! In this article, we will show you how to jump a car in a detailed and easy-to-understand process. But, before we get to that, it is important to understand that the problem can be prevented from the start! Well, not in cases of human errors, which is literally my thing! However, it can be in any other case! And just as in medicine, the best way is to notice the problem as soon as possible. Below, we will mention the symptoms of a dead or almost dead car battery:

– The first sign of the problem can be easily noticed. Whenever you start the engine, you sometimes hear a different, slower sound when the battery has problems.

– If you notice battery leakage (signs of corrosion), low level of battery fluid or battery case damage (bloated or swelled), that means it is time to check the battery at a pro service. You may need to replace it, especially if it is 3 years old or more.

– Modern vehicles can notify you through the electronic display when there are problems with the battery. Since the signs depend on the model, check the specific manual for a better information!

In all the above cases, be sure to ask for a professional help. And remember that even though these tips can help prevent being stranded with a dead battery, that does not mean it will never happen. Continue reading this article and learn once and for all how to jump start a car battery with your own two hands!

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