What makes us different from the others

– Our team takes the research of each article to heart and edits them continuously. This way, we are sure to offer our readers helpful and practical content.

– Automotive technologies have been developing at a really fast pace. This is why, keeping the content up-to-date is extremely important to offer quality content! And, we do promise quality!

– We take pride in our vast range of information regarding different brands and models. This is really important when considering that several new car models are introduced in the market every year. And with them, new car battery types too! Each of our guides and posts underlines the vehicle model and battery type related to the information. This allows the reader to find the content related to his specific car brand and model! Remember that applying the steps of a guide for a battery type to another may result in its permanent damage and replacement (which is expensive and time-consuming).

If you can not find your specific vehicle in our site, feel free to contact us and make a suggestion regarding it. We will take it into consideration and offer our knowledge to help you in the shortest time possible.


ExtendBatteryLife offers a vast range of articles on different topics. Being drivers ourselves, we understand how important it is for our readers to find relevant content to the most common problems. This is the reason why our main focus is on:

– Car battery reconditioning

We believe in helping our readers save time and money. While a lot of people think that old batteries must be replaced, we strive to let you know that it is not so! You can still get more from your old one by reconditioning it (probably several years more). This is why our site offers detailed information regarding the process, its benefits and easy-to-follow guides on how to recondition batteries!

– Car battery maintenance

Here, at ExtendBatteryLife.Net, you will find guidelines on how to extend battery life! It is important to understand the way our driving and behavior affects the lifespan of our battery. Take a tour through our posts to learn more on new ways of protecting your battery and increasing its lifespan. Following our simple battery life tips, will lower your costs considerably on the long run!

– Other car battery problems

Car batteries are prone to different problems. No matter what the issue is, be it a dead car battery, a bloated battery case, leakage, etc., we got you covered! Each of these topics is thoroughly explained in order to allow the reader to prevent or repair the problem.

At the end of it, our aim is to offer relevant high-quality content. We focus on being practical by placing the readers and their needs at the center of the attention. Understanding that this can only be achieved through your feedback, we encourage you to contact us for anything related to our content!